photo_ismet baran_1Teaching is a continuous learning process which requires a retrospective reflections based on actions taken during teaching. “Active learning” is the central theme of my vision on learning and teaching. From learning point of view, I strongly believe that the students should engage with the course-related activities by doing things and thinking and evaluating the related subject in the course instead of simply watching, listening and taking notes. The main reason that I am dedicated for “active learning” is that the students can remember and learn 70-90% of what they do, say and write in the class, whereas this percentage is below 50% when they only hear and write the things in the class.

Teaching Experience

Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente, The Netherlands

  • Mechanical Engineering MSc program:
    • “Design, Production and Materials” (5 ECTS, 100% of course, English) ~ 100 students; since 2014.
    • “Solids & Surfaces” (5 ECTS, 50% of course, English) ~ 25 students, since 2014
  • Mechanical Engineering BSc program:
    • “Workshop on Injection Molding Simulations using Autodesk Moldflow” (2 ECTS, 100% of course,   English) ~ 50 students, since 2014

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

  • Master Polymer Engineering:
    • “Workshop on Injection Molding Simulations using Autodesk Moldflow” ~ 50 students, December 2014