BladeMan: Reliable Manufacturing of Wind Turbine Blades
The era of fossil fuels appears to be coming to an end, which is why we desperately need cheap renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines. This Veni project will contribute to the development of more reliable and efficient wind turbines with very large dimensions in future.
NWO VENI Grant (2018-2022)
Principle Investigator
Resin Injection Pultrusion
Modeling the multi-physics in resin injection pultrusion of complex industrial profiles
Danish Research Council (2017-2020)
Co-Principle Investigator
3D printing of continuous thermoplastic composites
Quantifying the effect of the consolidation pressure on the mechanical performance for 3D printed continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics.
SBE University of Twente (2017-2019)
Co-Principle Investigator
Thermo-optical modelling of the laser assisted tape winding process for model based in-line process control and off-line process optimization.
EU-Horizon2020 (2015-2018)
WP leader
Numerical modelling of the mechanical performance of a hybrid butt jointed thermoplastic skin-stiffener composite structure.
Agenschap NL, Fokker Aerostructures, Aniform (2014-2015)
Research Fellow
Modelling the pultrusion process of off shore wind turbine blades.
EU-FP7 framework (2011-2014)
PhD researcher