Research Team

Previous Team Members

Post Doctoral researchers:


Dr. Ozan Erartsin
Process-structure-property-performance relationship in co-bonded polymer composites


Dr. Jamal Zanjani
Co-bonding of thermoset-thermoplastic hybrid composites

PhD researchers:


Dr. Onur Yuksel
PhD thesis: “On the Role of Microstructural Variability in Pultrusion” (link)


Dr. Senem Aktas
PhD thesis: “Micro-mechanical Modeling of Continuous Glass Reinforced Isotactic Polypropylene – Influence of Strain Rate and Temperature” (link)


Dr. Nick Hoksbergen
PhD thesis: “Predicting Rain Erosion Damage in Wind Turbine Blade Coating Materials” (link)


Dr. Amin Zaami
PhD thesis: “Development of a fast local analysis tool for optimized laser assisted tape winding” (link)


Dr. Mohammad Hosseini
PhD thesis: “Towards an accurate process design tool for laser-assisted tape winding” (link)


Dr. Farshad Farzan Nasab
PhD thesis: “Optimal design of laminated composites with focus on aircraft structures” (link)

Visiting PhD researchers:


Dr. Ning Han (from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China)
Processing and performance of fiber reinforced Elium (acrylic thermoplastic resin) composites


Dr. Ozan Celik (from TU Delft, Netherlands)
Laser-assisted fiber placement of thermoplastic composites

PDEng researchers:


Nick Willemstein
3D printing of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites

MSc students:


Maarten van den Berg – Pultrusion of carbon/PU planks for spar caps of wind turbine blades
Maarten van der Zanden
– Integrated Leading Edge Protection for Offshore Wind Turbine Blades at High Speed
Jaron Dijksterhuis
– Rain erosion performance of integrated leading edge protection systems in wind turbine blades
Stef Kuiper
– 3D printing of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites
Henri Tuin
– Pultrusion of carbon fiber reinforced Elium composites for recyclable wind turbine blades
Aurelio Wijnands
– Pultrusion of glass/PA6 composites
Timo Grootelaar
– Pultrusion of continuous glass/PP filaments for 3D printing of composites
Jan Willem Broers
– Pultrusion of glass/PP composites for recyclable wind turbine blades


Bolar Vanishree Rao A study towards the optimization of a lab-scale pultrusion line: Process, structure and property
Vaibhav Kulkarni
UV-Assisted Room Temperature 3d Printing Of Long Fiber Reinforced Composites
Roy Hendriks
UV assisted additive manufacturing of a liquid thermoplastic resin
Udaya Aditya Ghantasala
Rain erosion performance of the leading-edge protection of wind turbine blades
Pious Deo
Towards VARTM Manufacturing Process Optimization: Analysis of Temperature and Cure
Jason Yang
Towards process optimization of spar caps made of polyurethane composites used in wind turbine blades
Roy van Zijl
Rate-Dependent Properties and Failure Behaviour of Glass Isotactic Polypropylene (G-iPP) Composites
Gautam Janardhan
Simulation of rain droplet impact and erosion on leading edge protection of wind turbine blades
Gusthavo Ribeiro Salomao
Processing guidelines for co-bonded leading edge protection system for wind turbine blades
Martijn Peperkamp
Design and optimization of the pultrusion process to produce recyclable wind turbine blades


Jasper van Meurs Design, construction and evaluation of a laboratory scale pultrusion line for fiber reinforced composites
Elsemiek Verheijen
Design and development of innovative and hybrid polymeric for wind energy
Frank Esselink
Optimization of the laser assisted tape winding process using an inverse kinematic-optical-thermal model


Douwe Jan Pel Designing and building an Instrumented rain erosion test equipment for wind turbine blades
Aniruddh Lotlikar
Optimization of impact performance of thermoplastic composites used in cars


Steven Oonk Effect of thermal degradation of polyamide-12 on the laser-sintered parts


Victor Hoeksema 3D Transient and Crystallization model for Laster Assisted Tape Winding
Yoeri Ton
Investigation of long fiber effects during compression molding of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics


Ivo Vrooijink Process induced stress/strain development in composites made by co-bonding
Eva Hofland
Selective laser sintering of polymers – Enabling process control and part property prediction
Jasper Reichardt
Optical-Thermal Process Model for Laser-Assisted Tape Winding
Wouter Weijermars
Mechanical behavior of composite sandwich panels in bending after impact